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E3 focuses on linking the classroom to the living room by engaging families in their children’s education, offering tutoring services in specialized areas, and empowering children to become successful in school with the support of their parents and their instructional advocate(s).

Why do I need a instructional advocate for my child?

The past several years have wreaked havoc on our already strained educational system, in Georgia, and nationwide. Nationally, there is a crisis as all states face severe challenges recruiting and retention of quality educators. Covid-19 has driven many teachers out of the classroom (either early retirement or moving to different fields). In addition, a lack of qualified substitutes and continued school closures due to Covid-19 outbreaks have exacerbated the “learning loss” that our students were already facing within the first few months of pivoting to virtual learning in spring of 2020. These issues have disrupted learning for our children. Not all children learn effectively in a digital environment. Teachers are struggling to meet the unique needs of every child in their classes.

A learning advocate, such as myself, can step in and support increased student academic achievement by:

  • 1) identifying strengths and areas of growth,
  • 2) concentrating on the skills a student needs to master to be successful in their classes,
  • 3) focusing on the unique needs of your child without the distractions of other classmates,
  • 4) help to prevent summer slide.

As an instructional advocate, I focus on developing lesson plans to support your child while empowering parents to be instructional leaders in the home.  


Tutoring Services

Instructional Advocacy for Children and Parents
Tutoring services in the following areas:
Reading and Writing in the Content Areas: grades 3-12
Social Studies Education, grades 6-12
Setting goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic,
and Time-bound or S.M.A.R.T. goals.

Preparing your child for a successful school experience.  Preparing your child for success in college or career. 


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